Monday, 24 November 2014

What's on my palette?

Crap all! As Blog Wars apporached and the building work transformed into decorating pretty much the only painting I did was walls, doors and skirting boards. The den where I do most of my hobby work became a dumping fround for soft furnishings preventing me from painting and I've still to discover my missing 11 Genestealers amongst all the detritus. However, as of Tuesday the last of the carpets were fitted and asside for tidying and remedial bits and bobs the house is pretty much done.

I'll expect a renewed push by my better half to remove the hobby paraphernalia to a shed or garage within the next couple of months particularly as I feel some stirrings of my hobby mojo. I was actually devoid of all mojo for a period, definitely not helped by those missing Stealers. I still pottered but I felt no desire or motivation to get on and do stuff but I'm starting to feel like I've lost a lot of time and just want to get stuff done. Unfortunately I have a lot of stuff at building stage when I actually just want to paint. So I'm going to be sensible and just do the things that will move me on.
  1. First up my Blood Bowl Elves only need to have their base edges painted and varnished. That's a super quick win and they're on my hobby list too.
  2. Secondly, my Realm of Battle board. I just need to add some extra washes in all the crack and then do the skulls again, so many skulls...
  3. I've some resin that needs washing...
  4. And if I get bored with all that my Dark Vengeance Tactical Squad can be finished off. 
Four tasks that I'm going to focus on and get boxed off and hopefully in the porcess I'll discover those missing Stealers! I appreciate this isn't much of a post but it's a statement of intent that I'm off the wagon again and gearing up to paint.