Monday, 3 November 2014

HELL YEAH! The return of the Mycetic Spore!

I give you the Tyrranocyte! 75pts, so it's more expensive but it comes armed with 5 deathspitters! No one can face down that much firepower [not to mention you can upgrade those to 5 Barbed Stranglers or 5 Venom Cannons]! It still looks like it'll shoot at the neearest traget but add in a Dakkafex or 20 Devgaunts or 10 Warriors or lets face it the Toxicrene and Haruuspex itself suddenly take on a whole new outlook. This is so much win for nids...

If you look close you'll see that the WS and BS are still 2, it's now S5 instead of 6 :( T is either 5 or 3, I think it looks more like 5 which is :) less insta-kill but look at it's Wounds - 6, up from 3! Initiative 3 [from 1] and attacks 3, Ld and 4+ save still the same. Nothing about close combat weapons, it's lost it's Lash Whips and Ripper Tentacles but is does say although it cannot Sweeping Advance it can Consolidate so deal with a T5 6W unit in assault!

One last thing, look in the 'Area Denial' rules on the left, just below where it refers to 'lob Spore Mines' and it referes to a 'Mucloid'. So I guess this kit makes a second model that fires Spore Mines too! Happy days!

Now the big question, will these still be acceptable... 

Amongst friends no doubt but what about tournaments, let the debate rage