Monday, 18 August 2014

Dark Angels - Land's Speeder Typhoon Pattern

I mentioned how I was struggling to paint my Ravenwingand thought I'd shared the pics of why but can't seem to find them so forgive me if this is a repost. As you can see the highlights are by no means neat, or subtle. As I've maintained 'nids by their very organic nature offer so many advantages for those who struggle to be neat in their painting.

As you can see man-made items need a lot more finesse than my hand/eye co-ordination can provide. However, I hoped some Badab Black would solve this but that's where it had issues with strange effects appearing in it's 'tide marks'.
[incidentally that's the sort of size a Heavy Bolter barrel should be drilled to, none of this 1mm nonsense, make those Bolter rounds proportional, rant over]

I've since tried thinning black paint down and painting over the mottled Badab Black wash, this has improve the effect so much more.

As you can see here, with it's newly acquired wing-man. I've still to add some litanies and maybe some decorative markings. The Codex includes the old tropes of checks, red and gold piping, I want these to be dark and menacing but maybe I need to bite the bullet and do them just to break things up. Alternatively I could try some battle damage and I will maybe add some of my Secret Weapon Miniatures red weathering powders to represent the dust picked up on Ferron Proxima

So there's plenty to do, there's mini progress at least and having a second one completes the squadron. I do fancy a Darkshroud to provide cover and be their big brother but it'll be a while yet before I get one of them.