Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Sitting doing nothing

So, the wife is on a night shift and I've had to fore go kendo. Last night I had a thoroughly dissatisfying brawl with some space elves on Dark Crusade so I feel I should not get back on that horse tonight but I have zero enthusiasm for painting. This is all procrastination mind... I've even got some Milliput so I could finally crack on with the Mycetic Spore and Helion Rain to listen to whilst sculpting/painting.

I've experienced this lethargy many times before. In the creative world this sensation often crops up like a willpower sucking swamp and the only thing to do is wade through it. Even if its only a tiny bit of progress its a little bit further on. And experience tells me that often the other side of it is all downhill. Or I could sit on my ass and do nothing like the guy above ;)