Wednesday 11 August 2021

Whats on my palette?

Bless me #warmongers for I have sinned, it's been just two months since my last confession! I finished a few things but for a variety of reasons haven't been doing much hobby recently, which I'm OK with.

There's just a couple of weeks until the end of the hobby season, so what would I like to do in that time?:
  1. Ravenwing Talon Master
  2. Aegis Defence Line weapon mount
  3. Imperial Knight Preceptor weapons
  4. 6 x Middle Earth Moria Goblins
1. Ravenwing Talonmaster
So doable, but perhaps at the expense of everything else. All the metallics are done, it's the black highlights next, which feel like an obstacle but really just require a dedicated couple of hours to break the back of it and then it's just details. I'd love to box it off, but I have sneaking suspicion it'll be done in September or maybe even postponed until November even! I have some more Ravenwing just primed, so it would be beneficial to do all the black in one fell swoop.

2. Aegis Defence Line weapon mount
It's a few night's work. Eminently doable, just I have zero motivation to do it. So I doubt I'll get it done, even for my Armies On Parade board... Who knows?

3. Imperial Knight Preceptor Weapons
Don't know why but this feels like something I'm going to get done. Most of the metallics are completed, just some additional highlights and weathering. Then it's some juicy hazard stripes and the las glass. It feels like a quick win. If only I could apply the same mentality to the Aegis Weapon mount...

4. 6 x Middle Earth Moria Goblins
Yes, I know. You're all 'WHAT?'. OK, so you may recall Otty has been running a Middle Earth Battle Companies campaign. It's like a Kill-Team/Necromunda/Warcry thing. I've another battle report to share, where I took my Moria Goblins, which I painted in May 2013. It turns out I can start with 11 of the 12, but naturally the warband will grow so I quickly put together another 6 from a couple of ebay purchases from last year. They're based and on to basecoats washes and varnish. A few nights work is all and they seem to be a really quick win with no obstacles.

So, in reality the list of four which you would understandably assume is in order of priority, is in fact reverse order. I think 3 and 4 are likely to happen before the end of the season, the other two seem like a stretch. Then, when September comes around I will need to focus on building my Armiger Helverins up ready for Dreadtober. I may also look at what else I can build, prime and base so I have plenty to keep me busy over the winter. Failing that I do have that Orc Blood Bowl team and Adeptus Titanicus titans!

One mor push for the season folks!

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