Friday 27 August 2021

Imperial Knights - House Corvus Preceptor Weapons - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer on my #ImperialKnight Preceptor weaponry and the Las-impulsor and multi-laser are complete.

Here it is attached to Ser Ellenbogen, who would most likely be my Preceptor, although even with the chevrons I think I could also put it on my Freeblade Euronymous

I love how massive this gun is, such an imposing weapon.

I didn't realise quite how much this would add to the yellow and black already on the model. 

I do fancy a Castellan at some point. I can't imagine using it but I want to paint one and add it to the army with some extra bits to make it more imposing , the resin base I've seen is £20 alone!

So the cost is a little hard to justify but it's carapace would be almost completely yellow and black, which would be a real challenge.

The Preceptor is a good choice though and gives me a reason to get the Helverins ready for Dreadtober.

I love the idea of him marshalling the impetuous little knights eager to prove themselves on the battlefield.

When I do finally play 9th edition and Knights get a new Code I hope there are some improvements to make them more playable. I think I've read there are some objectives they can't even score and there low numbers make them highly vulnerable.

I don't know whether including Armigers of any type make them more viable or you still have to ally with Adeptus Mechanicus to solve some of those issues, but I can at some point add a few of them in, which would look cool.

Here's the last Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval for Hobby Season 2020/21.


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    1. Thanks. I shouldn't complain but I put one of the pics in for one of the unofficial Warhammer Facebook groups regular cover photo competition and it didn't get a single vote. I even voted for everyone else's just to see if I'd get a pity vote, but no! So I'm in that weird limbo of not caring and caring very much. I remind myself regularly that I don't do the blog for likes or hits but it's very nature is about 'showing off' what I've done and using Facebook and twitter to further expand the audience means I'm utilising their system of likes, which takes me to a place I find uncomfortable. I need to find a way to kick the habit.

    2. I've just uninstalled Facebook & Twitter from my phone. Let's see how long that lasts...

  2. I am lost for words. This is excruciatingly awesome. You are right, that impulsor is a massive, imposing weapon. I actually really like the extra yellow in the model, it doesn't look out of place at all. I think painting more 2nd Edition style is broadening my colour palette in 9th as well. This is an incredible piece of art, Dave. Don't stress about social media, it is mostly a reflection of the worst parts of human nature. I uninstalled Twitter a few weeks ago and haven't missed it at all. Instagram is still kind of nice, but the interaction is brief. Like Facebook, it depends on who you connect with.

    1. Thanks Marc, it has come out far better than I expected. It is SO vibrant and I was really doubting it when the original weathered effect appeared to be covered. As I said the Knight Castellan is something I want to do and the whole carapace will be yellow and black. But I doubt I would ever use it, so a lot of money for not much purpose. Failing that I should just paint my Skitarii Rangers as I did settle on that yellow and black scheme for them in the end...

      Removing Facebook and Twitter from my phone has been better. It's not anything directed at me personally it was just a wealth of negativity. Ironically, like you, my least favourite social - Instagram I still interact with. It's mainly for Hobbyists and comedians, including Celia Pacquola. I did manage to get season 1&2 of Rosehaven and Season 1 of Utopia on Region 4 DVD. Luckily my laptop will play them ;)

      I do check into Facebook and Twitter on my computer, mainly to keep track of my TV habits, but I'm constantly reminded why I needed to separate it from my immediate access. I am replacing it with YouTube videos and too much Google News though - I have issues!