Friday 20 August 2021

Middle Earth Moria Goblins - Big Build TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity having played Battle Companies with my own Moria Goblins it was apparent that my starting warband of 11 models and my starting painted model count of 12 wasn't going to give me much room to expand. I ended my game with 4 influence points, it costs 3 to role for a reinforcement of usually 1 model. So I figured I needed to paint some more and I had 20+ knocking around and thought 6 would be sufficient. I chose 2 of each of the sword & shield, archer and spears. I based them up and even tried some crude greenstuff hoods as some of the upgraded characters do come with hoods and it would provide some variety.

So, I get the Big Build Great Big Granite Base Stamp of Approval for this Big Build, but it doesn't end there

When I painted my original 12 Moria Goblins back in in May 2013 it was a few days work - the fastest I'd done that sort of thing and I hoped to do the same here. Just basecoats and washes.

I did all the basing, only added a little extra red highlights on the big hoods and some extra silver on the sword and shield edges. I never even took them off the spray stick - just painting them all six at once. Iv'e never done that before.

Some close-ups, this was the worst hood, actually the third one I did! They had got progressively worse as I went along! 😂

The second hooded Goblin, still looks like he wrapped a blanket round his head.

This one came out OK, with the eyes and the teeth and still some details picked out on the face after the shadow wash.

The first greenstuff hood, and it actually looks like a hood.

Another archer. You can only have a third of your warband as archers so I'll have to take that into account. I think I've got another 5 to go alongside these 2 and the original 4.

This was my favourite. They eyes came out great, the shield has some tarnishing and scratches on in the right scale and you can see his teeth.

So they were all but complete, but I do get the Big Build Great Big Granite Base Stamp of Approval for this Base and I'll get some TO DONE! pics shortly, maybe throw in the original 12 too, for comparison and those original finished pics aren't great.

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