Monday 23 August 2021

MIddle Earth Moria Goblins - TO DONE!

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity it's #paintingwarhammer time with my Moria Goblins and I'm pretty pleased with how these came together.

These are the slightly converted ones with red hoods. as I said before they gradually got worse so they now look like they're wearing entire blankets on their heads.

But at least they're easy to pick out on the table and add some much needed variety to my warband.

The other three and I really like how these came out too.

The quality of the sword and shield goblin, the tall base of the archer and that bit of slate on the spearman, which has been knocking around in my basing material collection for years.

Old and new. The difference of 8 years and not much difference at all. The base rim is black, I can't decided whether to try and make it that dark brown though.

I hink it's a mix of VGC Beasty Brown and black, but I don't know what ratio. I tried VGC Charred Brown and it was just wrong, which is why I went to black.

You can definitely see the difference here and there's a subtle difference in the brown on the ground, it;s slightly less yellow, which I can't quite explain.

It's not too bad though.

Considering it's been 8 years since I painted my original 12 I'm really pleased how these extra 6 fit in.

I've got to work on making some Prowlers and Blackshields next, but that's very difficult for me to kitbash at this scale. 

I say that, but I might be wrong when i come to do it because the rough and ready painting style will hide a multitude of sins regard greenstuff sculpting. And again big hoods for the Prowlers and fur cloaks for the black shields [as well as their bigger shields] will hide stuff too. I'll just have to see how it goes.

Here's the Great Big Granite Stamp of Approval.

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