Monday 29 April 2019

'nids part 265 - Biotitan Tyranid Hierophant pt.18 - TO DONE!

Back in August I completed my Tyranid Hierophant but only shared my phone pics. I also took some pics with my digital camera but they required a fair bit of tidying up, specifically the ones on the white background. I'm not entirely sure if they're any better but I needed to upload them to the blog and finally got round to it.

Not entirely sure what to say about these pics to be honest, it all seems a long time ago but like I say, they needed adding to the blog/gallery page so I'll just leave you to scroll through the pics.

And the 'white' background shots which were a pain to take and clearly the lighting was insufficient and the choice of a glossy sheet of paper did not do me any favours...

So there we have it, and all the links to the project [though some might be incorrect?].

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  1. Excellent stuff! Not my favourite model I. The Nid range but you’ve made it look good all the same!

  2. I'm still working on mine for golden demon in 2 weeks! This looks immense! Love the high contact and vivid colours. The Carapace looks like it's under a black light! Really awesome.

  3. Brilliant stuff, I enjoyed the ride.

  4. looks great mate, I can't wait for it to smash my knights :)

  5. Release the Kraken! Most excellent! I heard all sorts of people complaining that it doesn't support it's own weight and you need an entire scaffold of wires and basing, but yours seems just fine!