Friday 5 April 2019

Terrain is everything - Sanctum Imperialis - moar from the inner sanctum

The big piece needed its grunge shading, it's come over all Tudor dwelling like.

Welcome to the grotty grotto.

I just wish I could leave things at this stage...

...but you know I can't and I'll be all over this with more paint...

2nd highlights, not sure if I've lost or gained with this? Definitely lost some of that oil paint effect :( but it was a bit OTT

I think I've got a mixture of both + and -. I just sponged on an even lighter shade.

Still some details to pick out and some shade applied in the recesses.

All the internal bronze 'skirting boards' need a sponging of Balthasar Gold. Ultimately the net gain or loss doesn't really matter. I'll do my process and what the end result is will suffice so it's best not worrying about it really.

Strong Tone wash in all the creases on the medium piece, as well as 2nd highlights.

At least there's consistency across the pieces. Don't know whether those two panel things on the right hand side are electrical switch boxes with wires/cabling going inside or just structural features. If they're cables I'll do my usual of a red and a yellow/black stripe.

The little control panels should be fun to paint.

Corner piece, first highlight on the left, second highlight on the right plus some verdigris on the bronze skirting boards. They were indoors at some point so they would never be as weathered as the outside brassy bronze. Still need to finish off the base as well but otherwise I'm almost finished with this piece.

Verdigris pictures next...

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