Friday 27 July 2018

'nids part 262 - Biotitan Tyranid Hierophant pt.16 - Toxic plasma glow

Progress has been rather slow on this, mainly because I seem to be getting in the shed a little later than usual. All the talons have been done, but that took a double session where I actually got to start hobbying at 9pm. I'll cover the talons later but here's the greenstuff!

My Vallejo Dark Green is the first coat - making sure not to shake it up. Then I think it's the goblin Green followed by this cheap apple/acid green craft acrylic I picked up from Ryman's Stationers years ago.

It's difficult to tell at this stage whether it's working, I fear I'm dropping my standards/making mistakes in my rush to get this off my desk. I've already smudged grey paint from the talons onto the bone bits and had to fix the splodges.

The green was definitely needed to break up the colours a bit.

Claws and talons, all done with Incubi Darkness, Dark Reaper, turquoise/white, white highlights. Not sure if there's too much highlighting now but I can always work some black back into it and shade it down.

Toxic green highlights 3 and 4

I mixed some yellow and a little white into my apple green to go more toxic and then finally some white spot highlights.

I'd already put the 3rd highlights in the vent stacks so the white highlights aren't too noticeable as they wet blended together. I'll add some pure white tonight and some additional highlights in some of the recesses.

I still think I need to add a little bit of extra highlights on the red areas but I've already started varnishing the legs. They'll be completed tonight alongside the arms. The body will be varnished mostly tomorrow night and I expect it should be complete Sunday or Monday - phew! Hopefully I'll get chance to do some To Done! pics next week.

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