Friday 26 April 2019

Terrain is everything - TT Combat Gothic Ruins MDF kit - TO DONE!

My Old Skoolfriend Pete, who originally got me into Games Workshop games, until that point I'd just been collecting Citadel miniatures, managed to get me a TT Combat Gothic Ruin B at Christmas. I've only now just had the chance to build it.

What really attracted me to this kit was the extra laser cut card detailing to help lift the flat mundane MDF, more akin to my own efforts in terrain templates.

I was just really impressed with the extra detailing and spotted some of what was left on the card could be used to further embellish the buttresses.

On the right is the skirting board element, but they were inside the arch piece and each board was separated by those thin strips, which I added to each top for more detail and depth. I even added a piece on the front.

I also cut a strip of mounting board to cap the roof wall, and had a strip of card folded to cap the corner.

Interior-wise, I added some more of the 2mm strips to the roof wall to make it panelled. Mounting board for skirting boards. 

Then I had some 5mm card strips to make vertical panels and conveniently the grey board was half the thickness of the mount board so I could add a 2mm strip down the centre so make more definition.

My only regret are the doors, I did absolutely nothing to add detail to them, not even hinge strips. I don't know how I'll live with myself but nevermind.

I left the roof clear as the 2nd and 3rd storey inner piece would be detachable.

The corner piece, hidden behind the grey board is a crenellated pattern that interlocks.

If you look at the line of the roof that crenellated embellishment was the 'sprue' off cut from the MDF which I added with a mice miter joint to make it more detailed.

Inside more 5mm mounting board strips to emphasise the vertical height.

I had a 10mm strip of mount board off cut that also had some heavyweight paper strips already stuck, ideal for moulded skirting board.

Again, the doors bereft of detail, but I'll probably be adding stained glass in the windows.

2nd and 3rd storey inner piece attached but I will be creating a separate base so they can be used as two distinct buildings.

Plenty of space on the roof of the first storey.

Honestly the scale of this thing, it's a beast! £12 [or less] for such a piece of terrain, that is multifunctional [if you leave it so it can be split] and has all that extra detail. I honestly think it's one of the best value terrain kits around.

At around a foot tall, it's big enough to hide Knights behind, yes the 2-3 story piece alone can even do that!

Sure, a Citadel kit has much more detail and nowadays possibly even more options to build and repurpose but if budget is an issue and you don't want to go to all the trouble of my own FREE templates then this is an absolutely amazing kit to check out. Great value, great design and extra details to raise it above the mundanity of standard MDF. And plenty of scope to add your own embellishments to make it even better.

I'll be priming it black, adding some slight texture and then Red Oxide zenithal first coat next. The it'll be  painted in the same way as the Sanctum Imperialis to discover if you can mix and match these two types of terrain and still retain some consistency in your table top battles.

 I builds it, I gets the badge!


  1. Nice work Dave! I'm working on the terrain from the Kill Team boxed set at the moment, hoping to get hold of a lot more of it at some point and make a table based around a ruined basilica!

    I do love the look of these kits though, and like you said, for the price and the modular possibilities they're difficult to beat!

    1. Hopefully it'll tie in with the other stuff I'm building. Terrain! Who'd have thunk I'd be painting terrain, Alex would be proud!

  2. Love the additional details you have added, it really boosts the piece.

    1. It still comes with some brilliant extra detail but I think that should be an inspiration to all to just take it to the next level. I might have built this in my lunchtimes for over a week, not an inconsiderable time investment, but I think time well spent.