Friday 3 May 2019

Terrain is everything - Sanctum Imperialis - I'm getting there, stains n'all

I cannot believe how much this colour choice is challenging me. Luckily after a plaintive appeal on twitter [as well as feedback here] I had enough reassurance from these pictures to keep going.

I mean I still had reservations but folk liked them and ultimately the decision has been made what direction these were going in, that's inevitable now. It was just actually doing it, like magnets sharing the same poles opposing each other.

And instead of taking the big piece to this stage I actually took the medium piece to the next stage - adding shading and stains ot all the rivets and edges with the result I am much happier with where this is at now.

Although the turquoise is still very much in your face that shading on the right hand side is working so much better than the non-shaded left in the pic below.

These three sections, plus the front and the two sections from the small corner piece [more on that later] were shaded in one sitting, so now I have a measure of how long that will take.

I added staining to all the rivets the next night. I still need to do some addtional shading on it but I needed to pick out the red glass finials on the roof so the shading can be applied to those as well. I also felt the doorframe needed to be more akin to the older copper than the newer brass/bronze.

I also picked out the glass in the buttress lights but I've no idea how thats going to work - Tamiya Clear Red X-27 dries super quick and I'm not sure it'll play well with those small areas. I'll no doubt have to touch up afterwards...

The corner piece got grunged up, not much left to do on this apart from Bonewhite chips on the base and some of the debris inside.

I might have had to tidy up some turquoise smudges, but thinned Rhinox Hide covered the worst of it. I'll blend some red in so it makes it fully masked.

The big piece was also taken to the full verdigris with all the finial and lights picked out. Stains and shading next which is just laborious and will make everything work but because it;s a couple of nights work and I've been feeling a bit tired of an evening I've just not got back onto it for a couple of nights. Time for another push.

Returning to my Photoshop concept I wasn't too far off. A little lighter perhaps but I've already identified the shading will help tone it down and it'll better match this when it's done.

I was reminded the other day that this ruin was built coming up 12 months ago. That sound pretty bad but it's not like I haven't worked on other projects or had other prioritiesn not to mention I've had longer projects.

It will be nice to get it complete though, it just requires that push on all the shading, then pick out some interior details and all the lights/glass followed by varnishes. I keep thinking it's half a dozen session's work or so and at this stage it's just doing it...


  1. Love the bronze doors especially.

    1. Yeah, and if I'd gone that route across the entire piece I'd probably be a happier bunny but wonder about what could have been. Taking the risk is obviously not without risk ;)

  2. I am so glad you are sticking to the original scheme. Keep pushing!

    1. Still not 100% convinced, but then again I'm not sure I need to be. The further weathering of the verdigris is tedious but it is definitely making it more palatable.