Wednesday 6 February 2019

2000pts battle report - Imperial Knights & Dark Angels v Nurgle Chaos Daemons - LCO 3

Game 3 and I have Andrew Davies with his mixed Chaos Daemons - Nurgle and Tzeentch.
This was Scenario 2: Cut to the heart. 3 Objectives, one in the middle and one in each deployment zone. Bonus points for holding the centre objective and your own. Unfortunately I didn't take too many pics of the game so my recollection is a bit sketchy

I chose Headhunter, The Reaper and Old School as my secondaries, Andrew picked Recon, Ground Control and Titan Slayer.

I'm facing a big bunch of Plaguebearers, which were going to be much tougher than the Poxwalkers I just faced and then an equally tough huge unit of Pink Horrors, which split into Blue Horrors and then into Brimstone Horrors! There were some Nurglings sneaking around, a couple of Daemon Princes and then two squads of Obliterators that were going to materialise when I least expected...

However, I went first yet again with the Lancer and Warglaives crossing no man's land to get to the Plaguebearers. The Dark Talon overflew their lines with my by now standard strafing and stasis bombing run. I think they took a few casualties as a result,

The Lancer and Warglaives made their charge, but were wholly unimpressive. Thanks to their many numbers there was a -1 to hit and they were buffed by the Daemon Prince [or Princes] so whatever success I did make and that wasn't much Andrew managed to keep most of them alive.

Similarly Euronymous broke on the Horrors, killed a few Pink ones, spawned more blue ones and ended up with a couple of Brimstones. I didn't kill a unit and only secured 1 objective.

The 2 Daemon Princes went after the Dark Talon while the Plaguebearers bogged down my Knights

The Dark Talon was completely outclassed by the Princes and smashed to pieces. My dice started to desert me. Unlike the last game were I'd done everything I could but my opponent had rolled everything they needed I was now bereft of success and Andrew was achieving everything he needed to do.

I mean this just illustrates the sort of rolling I was getting as my Warglaives tried to sweep the Plaguebearers before them. What was particularly annoying was I managed to kill enough of them to finally bring them below the -1 to hit threshold which meant my next turn I could hit normally.

But this is all I managed to kill

Only for morale checks to result in a 1, which meant both the Plaguebearers and Horrors re-spawned their daemons. This happened three times during the game [all though a re-roll helped]. The first time I had killed enough to go below the threshold and then his morale check immediately respawned the same 5 Plague Bearers I'd killed so it was -1 to hit again! It was like fighting water, it would just not break.

Sadly I don't have any more pictures. The final score was 13:7 to Andrew. I only killed one unit of Nurglings with my Ravenwing, there was 3VPs for Titan Slayer to Andrew, I'm not sure if a Knight went down, if it did it probably blew up - it seemed the only effective way to kill anything.

As games go it unfortunately ended up a dice-rolling exercise. By the time I'd engaged there was nothing much either of us could do. I couldn't kill his units as I couldn't hit them, they wouldn't die, spawned duplicates or manifested again. He couldn't damage the Knights as they were just to tough and in all of this we only managed two turns! That said though it was great to game with Andrew and we had a laugh during how bad my rolling was and then had a chat afterwards where I discovered he's quite the regular at Dice and Decks and is fond of some of the other GW games. So, when I get chance in the future, when things settle down, I may arrange something with him. Not sure how I'd counter his daemons again, horrible things :) but maybe we'll play something different like Kill Team.

Anyway, 3 games, 3 loses lets see what day two has to offer

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