Monday 5 June 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing - just checking in

You'll have seen things were quiet last week, I was supposed to be in Majorca for a family holiday but for one reason or another we had to cancel. Luckily we'll get our money back but I still took the week off and I was actually able to finish the Ravenwing, so this is the last updat before the 'to done'. As you can see the Knights were first up but the Apothecary and the standard bearer would be the last to be finished thanks to the extra effort involved with all the other details on the model.

And Sergeant Adam.

Not sure why I took these, perhaps to illustrate the freehand text, not that its particularly good ;)

Once again trying to capture the warpaint on his face and just a hint of the power sword.

OK, so not much to share but I'm just checking in again and setting up the full reveal later this week.

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