Monday 12 June 2017

Dark Angels - Tanks - The Great Build part 6 - TO DONE!

A month or so ago I had opportunity to rummage around in what was once my bedroom at my parents house and was overjoyed to rediscover this lost relic - my original Predator turret.

The fact it has been missing has been one reason I've never bothered to move the Predator along, obviously other priorities and no love of painting tanks [do I actually like painting anything?]. However, it is recovered and tanks in 8th are cool, so this will get a makeover. I must point out though that the painting of the original orange turret shows little difference to how I paint now. These last seven years of painting have not improved my ability one jot! Who said practice makes perfect?

Moving on I drilled out the Las-cannon barrels and then stipple-textured the entire tank. No doubt I'll get all sorts of funny looks on this but I'm sure it'll come out alright in the end.

A while back I also managed to install a Razorback mount onto one of my Rogue Trader Rhinos and get a Heavy Bolter Turret to go in it [I've a Las-plas too if that's still a thing in 8th].

So whilst I was priming the Predator it made sense to get the Razorback undercoated at the same time.

And then stipple-textured also.

Which was followed up with an Army Painter zenithal base coat of Angel Green. Another point of note is the larger calibre Auto-cannon. I replaced the original barrel with a larger diameter piece of sprue years ago and really think it benefits because of it.

The Razorback also got green.

So these are now a 'thing'. Not on my list but definitely added to the Great Build and so get a couple of Big* Purple and White Stamps of Approval for their completion. I may well add some more basecoats and washes, perhaps even attempt to complete them for the end of the season but more than that it's just nice to have the turret back and moved them both on to a new stage for when they're ready for my full attention - which was the point of the Great Build afterall [proves it's working].

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