Friday 23 June 2017

Double Trouble 2 painting competition

I'd written this post the other day, all complete and scheduled for today and then went to access the permalink information to add to the Battle Reports page and somehow the whole post was converted into a cloned copy of my DT2 game 3 Battle Report. It was a bizarre situation, with the knock on effect I have no real enthusiasm to repeat the original commentary, still I'll offer some captions to make sense of the pics.

Best Conversion - Winner Ian Connolly's Top Gun themed Orks, it had the soundtrack playing through hidden speakers too!

Interesting drill pods.

Don't know where the drill bit comes from but it looks really cool.

Space Wolves conversion.

Best Character competition

Winner was the Succubus

Best Vehicle/Monster - worthy winner David Irving's Fire Raptor.

Ian Plumpton's Baal Predator and Mark Hinson's Tau Riptide.

Land Raider

Ben's Canoptek Spyder.

Best Army - my own display.

Blood Angels

Alpha Legion Cataphractii Terminators.

Winner - AdMech

Cawl, very tidy, like the varied flock on the base.

Love these models, must resist the urge to get some.

It's a nice painting event as Alex insists you can only enter one category [to prevent one person running away with everything, *cough* Liam Ainscough] however it does mean you only get a few entries in each category. That means it's good odds if you do enter but does limit choice, not sure there's a solution except for Alex's insistence that everyone try and enter something. By the looks of it there were only 16 entries across the competition from 28 gamers, maybe some like Hendrik got their army commission painted but I think there's still scope to paint even just one model for this sort of event and enter that. Anyway, congrats to all those who entered and put themselves and their armies on display.

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