Wednesday 7 June 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing - TO DONE!

First up my Ravenwing Command Squad, we're still technically 7th Edition so that's a Ravenwing Champion, Standard Bearer and Apothecary, I think one of them becomes an 'Ancient' in 8th.

Goodness knows if these unit still exists in the new 'index', with so much information now available I'm purposefully not buying Imperium 1 as I want to just get my head round the nids and the game before I tackle what's happened to the Dark Angels.

I was disappointed to discover my Tamiya Clear Orange X-26 has started to congeal, so I couldn't paint displays as I would normally but no bother X-27 came to the rescue instead.

The Standard turned out much better than I expected.

Sadly not a close up of his Sword of Caliban but the Champion came out alright too.

Elements of the Apothecary disturb me greatly. I flip-flop between liking the white and great disappointment. The vials turned out OK in the end but it's the triple helix and how it interacts with the surrounding weathered brass that leaves me cold

The banner came out OK, mainly because I bottled writing Ravenwing on the third scroll and wrote Caliban instead ;) I think the diamond pattern came out OK in the end too.

Not to mention the chubby Aquila on the top pennant.

Can you spot what's missing here? Weathering powder on the tyres - mainly because this was the last to be complete I weathered all the others as a group before I finished and varnished the Apothecary.

Ravenwing Black Knights.

The Knight on the left may well need a back pack ornament at some point. I only realised I'd used fancy back packs on the other three too late. Funnily it does have a hole pre-drilled in the top to take a pin to secure it on, I must have forgotten. If he ever does anything noteworthy I'll honour him.

Still not convinced on the headlamp OSL but I think first glance and en masse it's OK, it just doesn't stand stand scrutiny.

All the Knights together.

Knights and the Ravenwing Bike Squad.

Obviously it would have been nice to see these and my existing six bikes, the Land Speeders and Dark Talon.

Sadly I didn't take those pics it was very much just trying to record these 13.

Bike Squad on their own.


Not sure why this guy has the AdMech shoulder pad

Particularly as the 'techmarine' head is used on the left here. No rhyme or reason but I may well use those bits to make a proper Techmarine on bike further down the line.

Months of work and I appreciate your patience just as I know you appreciate how much of a mammoth task this turned out to be for me. The bike squad have been on my table for just over six years, there's an early post than this with the bike bases I bought. The Ravenwing Knights are virtual newbies with just over a year in production. It's been an incredible slog to push through all the difficulties they've presented, overcoming those challenges inherent in bikes, the issues with black, with the way I do metallics and painting 13 at once so I really do deserve this Big Purple Stamp of Approval!

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