Wednesday 14 June 2017

1500pts battle report - Dark Angels & Necrons v Oks & Custodes! - game 1

Double Trouble 2 and Alex From the Fang's doubles tournament replacing Blog Wars. 750pts with random pairings but all match-ups are Battle Brothers. Now in a weird twist of fate Ben and I get paired up. Once again my recollection is pretty hazy so for the most part enjoy the pictures, the commentary will be secondary ;)

I'm running a Techmarine, 5 Sniper Scouts with camo cloaks, a 5 man Tactical squad with flamer and Deathwind Drop Pod, 6 Ravenwing bikes with 2 Plasma Guns, 2 Typhoon Land Speeders and my Dark Talon

We were up  against Owen Brignall with his Custodes and Ian Connolly and his Orks. Owen's army amounted 11 models I think, here's 6 of them.

Ian's Orks were part of a Top Gun conversion, this was their Trukk

and this was their Battle Wagon containing Badruk's Flash Gitz Formation.

My Warlord Trait gave us 3 units to Infiltrate, Ben's was 3 enemy units pinning [but we forgot]. My Ravenwing held the left flank.

Snipers and Speeder in our centre-left ruins, Necron Warriors hold the centre-right.

Ben was our sweeping right flank, infiltrating with my Trait - C'tan and Warriors in the bolstered ruins

Owen and Ian went first, advancing.

Badruk gets out to start shooting by the end of their turn they've scored 1VP.

My Drop Pod lands in Badruk's face but the C'Tan does some pretty brutal attack that takes a fair few Orks out of the equation.

My Bikes skirt round the hill, they're going to get punished by the Custode's Grav Tank but at least it'll be kept occupied.

Speeders reposition to get good firing arcs on the Trukk.

It goes down in flames, taking a few Orks with it.

Th Flashgitz suffer under the wight of fire.

We finish the turn with 4 VPs having 2 of our units from each force in our deployment zone and controlling three objectives. Ian and Owen's turn leaves my Ravenwing reduced to two bikes who break and run and my Land Speeder with 1 hull damage, but they score no VPs this turn.

Our turn 2 and the Dark Talon arrives to punish the Custodes and Flashgitz in the centre.

Necron Warriors throw a load of firepower at the Custodes, whittling away a wound here and there.

My 2 bikes recover and I turbo-boost them into the ruins next to the Grav Tank. Actually it might have been three bikes and one dies as it goes into 'dangerous terrain'. We score another 2 VPs for holding objective 1 and another force hold another objective.

The Grav Tank flanks my bikes to get a bead on them behind the wall. 

And takes them down. Although a little disappointed the tank had got the angle on them I'd purposely put them in position to draw fire, or cause the tank to respond to them somehow, so it wouldn't focus on anything else, it worked just a little too well. They score 3VPs this turn.

I may have elected to hover the Dark Talon so I could get some shooting on the Custodes. I think it was pretty ineffective and so didn't justify the target now firmly on his hovering back. But one Custode was killed, possibly from Heavy Bolters on my Typhoons.

A further Custode was felled by the Necrons. Meanwhile over on Baruk's side the Flayed Ones rampaged through his Flashgitz and Scarabs destroyed the Battle Wagon with ease [or the other way round, either way it was pretty painless, for us]. We came away with 5 VPs this turn [2 for holding 2 objectives and twice as many as our opponent, 2 for objective 4 and the other force hold an objective and 1 for one of our units in their deployment zone]/

The Grav Tank re-positioned and looks to have taken out the Dark Talon.

So much for hovering. They rack up another 3 VPs, but what's that just on the right of the picture - Scarabs

Who manage to eat the Grav Tank to pieces, perhaps with a little help from my Land Speeders? We score a VP for holding objective 2.

Warriors and Canoptek Spyder get into melee with the last of the Custodes.

But it does not end well as he cuts threw them all with ease. The C'tan advances to finish him the Flayed Ones secure the enemy DZ. Unfortunately for the guys they score no points in turn 5

My Speeder's re-deploy to add support.

The C'tan makes it into combat.

And we could not have planned it better as the two Warlord's square up.

Chipping away at each other of the next three round of combat we score 6 VPs for holding two objective for two consecutive turns. The other guys score nothing as we go into turn 6 and then we score a final VP for controlling obj 5. The Custodes Champion finally succumbs to the C'tan's scythe, victory is ours.

Here's our scores - 19-7 and with the loss of the Custodes we unfortunately tabled Owen and Ian but I think they had a good time regardless.

At least it looks like they had a good time. Ben and I agreed that Custodes were pretty tough nuts to crack with their high save and 2 wounds. They took so much fire and yet still kept strong. However, with only 10 of them every loss was painful for Owen and poor Ian's Flashgitz just couldn't hold back the Flayed Ones who are so brutal.

Ben, myself, Ian, Owen
On to game 2...

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