Friday 10 February 2017

Dark Angels - Drop Pod[s], Pod 2 playing catch up

Another quick one, you see, I can paint those holes neatly [or at least neater]. I've pretty, much brought the pod up to the weathering stage now.

Having done all the holes and door edges I also stamped the mumbers on the fins and found a pencil tube to stamp a circle for the company symbol. I've also updated all the markings on the door ready for the final white highlights.

Holes were roughed up, just need two more orange edge highlights, a Soft Tone wash and then all the gun metal bits for scratches.

Progress is swift [unfortunately I appreciate the pics don't really show just how much I've done - caught up in the moment, sorry] with just one more update and then I can get them varnished alongside my completed Genestealer Cult.

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