Friday 3 February 2017

Dark Angels - Deathwing Knights - METAL!

Quick post. These guys just really don't fit into my schedule but I wanted to crack on with them somehow. Luckily they're just base coats so I thought I could find some time in my lunch just to add some Warplock Bronze.

 It is incredibly untidy, I'm hoping it'll all get neatened up as I go along.
 Reds next on all the Ferron stone Crux Terminatus and their Storm Shields.

I also did these two guys and then it'll be the next highlights on the bronze and washes.

They'll probably go into hiatus again after that but I just need to keep chipping away at them so one day I look up and realise I've reached the home straight without realising

Then it should be a simple push and they'll be done.

The 'Eavy Metal Storm Shieldsfeature grey stone work behind they warrior monk relief. I'll obviously be doing them Ferron Red, but all the wings and the warrior monk on the shield will be picked out in the standard colours. It'll be a bit of a departure for me, I could have just as easily done it all weathered bronze. Bronzing it would have been the sensible choice and helped reduce the palette of colours for consistency but this way is the challenge and they deserve a little extra effort too.

Moving on...

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