Monday 6 February 2017

Dark Angels - Ravenwing Dark Shroud part 1

I managed to pick up this Land Speeder Dark Shroud for £30 on ebay. It really is the missing link to make my Ravenwing that much more effective. I'll probably magnetise it too [following for the Limey's guide]. I don't see much chance of using the Vengeance but it doesn't hurt. I pointed out it would fit into my Double Trouble list which prompted it making it to this stage part of me wants to crack on with it to completion but I need to be sensible and get stuff done and try to keep my plans on track. It can't take priority, as much as I'd like it to. I know that flies in the face of 'going with the flow' but other things need attention.

What is annoying though is the jets - because those holes really won't give me opportunity to paint them properly.

If you recall I had the same problem with my Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter/Dark Talon and had to plug them with tissue and DAS air drying clay. Doing it at that stage was a nightmare and I mentally noted it would have been so much easier during the build stage, before the intakes at the front went on.

With that in mind I'll probably have to fill them in now so I can create a similar jet effect as below.

Meanwhile, I picked these up for £15 too. It was a bargain I couldn't turn down even though I've enough grey tide to face already. Hopefully this will fill out my Ravenwing alongside the 6 completed bikes 6 other bikes in progress and 7 Black Knights.

I can foresee a few more Land Speeders down the line but hopefully won't need to buy anything else until these are all painted, but first they need stripping and then I have to decide if they're armed appropriately...

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