Wednesday 8 February 2017

What's on my palette?

Bless me readers for I have sinned, it's been nearly 3 months so it's long overdue, although some of this has been covered in recent posts having it altogether will help me take stock and potentially make me stick to the plan.

After a period of intense productivity at the beginning of the Hobby Season I was hit with the traditional festive blues and it wasn't until the middle of January before things took off and I was able to get back into the grrove. Since then I've managed to crack on with a number of things, get a number of the Genestealer Cult done, unnecessary but they were the 'pilot light' to some of my other projects. There's only the Magus and Primus to complete and then they can all be varnished at once.

The rest of the hybrids can remain in stasis as they're actually a distraction at the moment.

Which is why I was slighlty relieved that Ben borrowed Blood Bowl, taking the temptation to paint both teams with him. I'm itching to do them but I need to prioritise my time.

Which is why the Drop Pods finally got the attention they deserve. Pod 1 is almost complete, just some additional markings to do. Pod 2 needs some highlights, details, weathering and markings. Both need varnishing but I'll be so pleased when they're in the bag.

Meanwhile I actually got to add some metallics to the Deathwing Knights. These are also a distraction, in a way. Ravenwing should be a priority, I foresee them being far more in use than their Deathwing bretheren but I actually painted these easy bits in my lunch break so I feel less guilty about it. Reds next, second metal highlights and then washes and probably back into hiatus.

Which was going to leave me with a nice hole that I would take some time over the Assault Squad as my secondary task and look to do some other bits.

Unfortunately this thing turned up and I suddenly worked out how I could fit it in my Double Trouble 2 list. Now that would mean not taking the newly painted Drop Pods and monopolising all my time between now and then. I know how slowly things progress, particularly my Dark Angels of any hue. It's feasible and I'll at least get it done for my Great Build stamps but the recent completion of projects has given me some breathing space and that's incredibly welcome at the moment.

The fact is this already took up most of a session that could have been spent really cracking on with Pod 2. I'd visualised all I was going to achieve on it throughout the day and despite making this, the fact I didn't complete the planned progress on the pod has irked me greatly.

So, pods, Genestealer Cult, then busy myself with other things [which may mean fewer blog posts for a bit] while casually progressing Dark Shroud and Assault Squad.

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