Wednesday 10 June 2015

Goggle Adsense @ 60 - FREE Money!

One of the really interesting things that happened last week [don't worry I'll get to those Blog Wars battle reports I know you're all dying to read] was I finally reached the magic £60 mark in my Google Adsense total. Google only allows you to cash in your earnings at this amount [although as of yet I'm not 100% sure how] so I can finally capitalise on all the clicks you've kindly made. As I discussed in this post about monetising your blog this is really the only thing I’ll… ‘stoop to’ seems so negative, ‘entertain’ is perhaps more appropriate. It may have taken around four years to do it but I’m extremely grateful to everyone who has clicked on an advert, it doesn’t cost you anything to do so [and I regularly click on my fellow bloggers ads for that very reason] but although the initial plan was for it to keep me in paint I’ll be looking to get an Imperial Knight with the proceeds - watch this space.

The breakdown of those that have clicked and viewed is quite interesting, at one point I’d had 2 visits from someone [or someones] in Syria and 50% of those visits had resulted in a click. I’ve since had a couple more visits from there but you’d imagine playing toy soldiers would be low on their list of activities. Similarly quite a few visitors from Afghanistan [I’m guessing troops stationed there?] have been interested in the blog but unsurprisingly the biggest earnings are from:
1.    United States
2.    United Kingdom
3.    Australia
4.    Canada
5.    Denmark
So once again I thank you all for your contribution, and if you're from Syria or Afghanistan, a big shout out to your 40k community! But moving forward I will put my money [technically your money] where my mouth is. The next £60 in adsense revenue I will put towards another Imperial Knight [alongside my own money to make up the difference] but this will be up for grabs in a little competition [of sorts] that I will be holding. I will even offer to paint the Knight at no extra cost. Of course whoever wins the competition can choose an alternative model of equivalent value or for me not to paint it should they wish, it will be up to the winner.

The initial plan of how to win the prize will be based on a picture competition with the only criteria being that it must feature an item freely available from this very blog – STC templates, Print & Play buildings, even just the wound counters [although the picture will have to be pretty darn good to secure a prize using just the wound markers]. The choice will be yours.

There are still details to be ironed out just yet, hopefully we’ll find a way that folk can help make the choosing the eventual winner fair, not just me choosing one. But we’ll have plenty of time to work the details and for you to decide if it’s worth taking part. As I say it took 4 years to get to this first £60 but it all depends on the click rate on the ads how soon I will run the competition.

Let me know what you think about this, as I sit atop this mountain of advertising revenue ;) I felt it only fair to give something back and as it's you folk that are making it all happen in the first place it should be you that benefit going forwards. Also if you're from Syria or Afghanistan let me know!


  1. Congrats! I'm languishing down in the £2ish range myself at the moment.

    You have set me a challenge though, and I have a plan on how to create an awesome picture just using wound markers.

    I'm not going to let on yet though, you'd all copy me!

    1. Interestingly I couldn't see your adverts when I looked at work during lunch, maybe it was being filtered. But it worked on my mobile and when i got home so you should have a couple more clicks from me :)

    2. Thanks!

      Yeah my work pc strips out adverts like that too, quite annoying really.

  2. Congratulations dave on ur 60 quid 😄 good idea for prize not a great idea about u painting it for them 😏 they may want to use it within 2 years of winning it lol

    1. :P Well at least I know you'll not be entering with the wound markers because none of your Necrons ever get wounded and you'd probably still use dice anyway :P

  3. That's true Dave I much prefer the dice method so I can pick it up accidentally on purpose and regain my wounds it's my version of the it will not die special rule lol :p

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