Monday, 30 March 2015

PeteB's new nu-Eldar

If you've been following the blog for any length of time you may recall long time gaming buddy PeteB is a bit of a 'faction' butterfly. I think since I first met him he may well have gone through 7 or 8 armies to my one! After Blog Wars 8 he went and offloaded his Space Wolves and had been hobby sober up until my birthday when, having witnessed the crazy antics of my 40k @ 40 bash, promptly fell off the wagon and jumped headfirst back in to his first love - Eldar.

Given, how my own progress is a little slow I asked him where he was at, because he paints like a fiend and manages to achieve really good results in such a short time. So he sent me though a bundle of pictures with a little bit of text to explain his colour scheme and is army list, which is frankly filthy and I'm sure I'll not look forward to facing it in the future ;)  Anyway, there's loads of pics with a bit of text so I'll hand you over to PeteB hisself:

 Eldar (again!!!)
Colour scheme, same as space wolves (ish)

Guns and helmets sprayed with humbrol matt undercoat (no 34), rest of models undercoated with the fang, then drybrushed with russ grey, then drybrushed with fenrisium grey. Final highlight with etherium blue.

Fire prism has magnetised turret

Wave serpents have magnetised turret.

Wraithknight arms magnetised for transport.
Suncannon/sword wraithknight has magnetised shoulder weapon mounts, and magnetised r arm to swap weapons.

List for blog wars should be

Illic Nightspear
Fire dragons (5)
Fire dragons (5)
Dire avengers (5)
Dire avengers (5)
Rangers, either 1 squad of 10 or 2 squads of 5
Wraithknight with suncannon / scattershield
Wraithknight with heavy wraithcannon
Fire prism
4 wave serpents for dragons and avengers