Thursday 19 March 2015

Keep an eye out for a bargain @ Home Bargain

I was in Home & Bargain yesterday and came across one of these - Powerplay Pro Metal Carry Case (PS2). It was reduced from around £35 to £3.99! It's a decent aluminium case that is roughly the same dimensions as the small Citadel carry case. I'll confirm later the inside dimensions but it's about 2cm bigger all round than a standard foam figure tray so you will need to pad it out somehow.

However, as you can see there are two padded boards inside the case to hold the PS2 in place. These have slots cut into them and the inside black foam but they could be adjusted to form the support for standard trays. Form what i can work uout you'd also get 5 trays stacked on top of each other too!

Anyway, most Home Bargains have random stock, so there's no guarantee your local shop may have them but it's worth keeping your eyes peeled. Now, you could get a bigger cardboard KR Multicase for the same price that this will cost once you kit it out with foam, but how much is an aluminium KR case... from what I can see a damn sight more than £3.99 plus foam of your choice!

So, keep your eyes peeled!

Internal dimensions W38.5 x H29.5 x D12 + 4.4 [lid]cm


  1. Good spot Dave got two myself the other day, you cant beat that value!!

    1. Wow, glad they're in more than just my local store, it means folk may have a chance to snap them up. Meanwhile I went back for the second one in store and it had sold. I had planned to buy my nephew's Citadel cases, still might but I'm thinking these might be perfect with some pick and pluck for some of my more odd shaped items - Carnifices, Malanthrope etc. as I'm currently struggling to find a way to transport them.