Monday 23 March 2015

'nids part 167 - Malanthrope - TO DONE!

Another model finished! It's almost as if I have some mojo back! Well, almost. Anyway the Malanthrope is done.

I actually lost my patience with this part way through, all those sacks and tentacles became a real chore so I splashed on the toxic glow effects and although the end result is scrappy in some places the gore and gloss slime actually makes the model for me, so I'm actually really happy.

The base has also come alive thank to the black dead toxic slime that is left in the wake of the Malanthrope. Sure it's another effect I've just thrown into the mix but it makes things interesting, the base was so empty it needed something to 'liven' it up or at least break up the orange.

I really like how the acrylic rod almost disappear in this I'll probably Photoshop some of these to remove it. I kind of wish I could make some 'toxic miasma' somehow but I'm not sure if stuffing fluff, the sort use din most flickering smoke clouds is the effect I'm after.

Still, I may have a play around at a later date, see what effects I can come up with.

I actually photographed this outside, it was a lovely sunny day, hence the super bright colours and crisp shadow.

I do wonder if I should have put more pure white highlights in the centre of the vents...

I do think this guy is very creepy, his eyes are tiny, which made me think there wouldn't be much character in him but there is something disturbing about him.

You can see here just how scrappy I was with the painting but with all the Tamiya Clear Red X-27 and gloss effects applied I may well have been more disappointed if I'd put tons of effort into getting it just right only to cover it in gore! So the right choice I think.

I even managed to get some of the pure Bahama Blue showing through, more recently this has been totally covered up by the Soft and Strong Tone washes applied. 

You can definitely see my brush control on the striations is worse. I got some new brushes but I know it's just lack of patience. 

And bottom line it's done and I think back to those days in my parents loft when I'd spend forever not getting anything painted only to see Liam churn out army after army. Now I've got an army [and more] painted and it's coming to terms with what is achievable within my ability and I'm happy with the result, despite it;s imperfections. 

Now to add some more black gunk to the base I applied some of Anita's 3D Dimensional Paint. It's a glossy black and you can paint thin line with it. I've used it on something before but I forget what. Here I added some to the base and to the the bottom of the Malanthrope, the little drippy spikes. This shows that it's coating everything around it in a life killing ooze.

I did the same with the Venomthrope, although that was added after I photographed it properly.

The glossy black 3D paint was added in stripes over black paint and then coated with gloss varnish. I then added yet more Vernidas gloss varnish.

The whole thing had to look like it was turning everything into a dead black organic sludge. Which is odd considering I've got reclamation pits that are both yellow and toxic green, it's almost as if I'm making all this up as I'm going along!

Well, it's considerably better with it black and at least it allows the Barbed Strangler 'eruption' to actually stand out. When it was all red planet based it just disappeared now it actually look like it has a purpose - what that is I don't know but it kind of makes sense.

So, here's the Red Stamp of Approval! Another model NOT on my To Do List but once again it's nice to have completed something when things have been actually quite hard, hobby-wise. Now lets look at those Dark Angels again!


  1. Dave,
    loving these models! Came out fantastically!

    One suggestion. I'd consider mixing just a tiny bit of greens into that black sludge...maybe some leftover toxins. The black is a bit stark compared to the rest of the rest of the model. Maybe just some edge work on it? I can't see it in person though, so just going by photos.

    1. I'll think on that Greg, part of me likes the completely different nature of this product. There's no painting involved it's just the natural black and gloss varnish. However I have thought about getting some Nurgle's Rot and running it along the creases in the carapace so there's yet more toxins spewing from it's hide but that may be OTT. If I do go down that route I'll definitely add it to the black as well.

    2. Oh I love the idea, and the concept, it just seems a tad jarring in difference. Black is one of those colors you don't generally see in natural...even things that are skorched or rendered barren are full of a variety of greys

      That's my only comment really. I love the piece, just trying to provide some feedback besides ooooh's and aaaaaah's. :)

  2. The black does look a bit unnatural, but I think that is OK conceptually. It definitely gives the impression that something is going horribly wrong (chemically) underneath that Malanthrope ;-) Adding grey would suggest that it is combusting the material beneath it, which doesn't seem right. For some reason, I don't think adding green would look any better, though I can see where Greg is coming from. Such a malicious model...

    1. Agree Marc. it needs something...but I don't know what. Though we aren't seeing this in person, so it could look perfectly fine. Photo'd mini's never look as good as real life mini' of my fav parts of adepticon was seeing my favorite artists works in person...mind blown.