Thursday 21 November 2013

'nids part 111 - Scratchbuilt Tyranid Capillary Towers pt6.

A bit of a 2fer today as you will notice my four tier tower has all four plates done.

 I forgot to take pictures of the bigger ones after I'd done the 3rd tiers, oops. Anyway you may just be able to make out I managed to fix that odd looking first plate on the largest tower. It doesn't cut in on the left randomly anymore - DAS can be very forgiving.


And they're all starting to come together now, definitely consistent with my existing Tyranid scenery elements.

I haven't started feeling uncomfortable sculpting yet as my 'time at bat' is still only about an hour per sitting.

I also started some of the fleshy fibres. Again I thought to use Milliput but went ahead with DAS. Speed is the overwhelming factor and not having to mix the epoxy putty does save time.

However, using water to manipulate the clay means when you cut the lines in the clay can break up completely towards the ends so you do have to be careful.


And some more close ups of the plates. I cut down on the amount of grooves too.

The turquoise striations all have to be painted and the more there are the more tedious it becomes, hopefully reducing the grooves will alleviate this and also it means the shape of the plate is held more. Every time you cut a groove it pushes the clay left and right, you cut another one close by and it will push the groove you've just carved shut. Once again it's a fine line but you get used to it.

11 hours 10, plus another hour for the 3rd tier and 35 minutes for the 4th tier and some of the fleshy fibres brings us to 12 hours 45 minutes on the project so far
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