Monday, 4 November 2013

Blog Wars 6 - result

Saturday was great at Blog Wars 6, Alex put on a great event, probably one of the friendliest and relaxed tournament atmosphere I've been to. That didn't stop me getting my usual nerves or clumsiness but it did mean a lot of fun was had. Ultimately I came 4th out of 32 which wasn't bad considering I lost my first game quite foolishly. I also won best painted army, as you can see from the poor scan of my framed (!) winning certificate, I also came runner up in the best painted character.

With my winnings I treated my Dark Angels to one of these as it was only 30p more:

Big question is how do I paint it:
  1. Dark Angels Green
  2. Ferron Proxima red
  3. Matt Black Honored Imperium Verdigris Copper
  4. Combination of 2 for the walls and 3 for the metal reinforcements
Anyway, I'll post some [less than comprehensive] battle reports when I get chance but first game was against Tyranids, which was a similar list to my own but in the hands of Adam who had only 10 games under his belt. I threw that one away somehow - too many conservative approaches to current games when I should have gone uber aggresive, he did and won.

Second game was against, erm, 'nids and Phil from Armoured Sentinel. This was the most fun I've had gaming in a long time. There were some absolutely hilarious moments and Phil was a real sport even when things started going comically wrong for him. It may not have been as much fun for him on the receiving end, the 25:1 score line implies he was practically tabled but there was a lot of give and take, I just ended up in objective scoring positions.

Last game was against 'nid... killers - Dark Eldar with Eldar allies. Daniels army was heavy on the Reavers and light on poisoned weapons but again I made a tactical error in the first turn and spent a lot of time trying to catch up. Somehow I was able to be in objective scoring positions as the time ran out, we were 15 minutes shorter to try and get finished on time. I didn't get my full turn but if we'd have had the extra 15 minutes I may well have lost in turn 5, swings and roundabouts.

I'll get the reports done asap, thanks to everyone I played. Incidentally PeteB managed to fill in for a 'no show' and came 26th. He was hoping for the wooden spoon at one stage but managed win one, fortunately/unfortunately dpending on how much he wanted the wooden spoon and £5 booby voucher!