Monday 4 November 2013

Blog Wars 6 - result

Saturday was great at Blog Wars 6, Alex put on a great event, probably one of the friendliest and relaxed tournament atmosphere I've been to. That didn't stop me getting my usual nerves or clumsiness but it did mean a lot of fun was had. Ultimately I came 4th out of 32 which wasn't bad considering I lost my first game quite foolishly. I also won best painted army, as you can see from the poor scan of my framed (!) winning certificate, I also came runner up in the best painted character.

With my winnings I treated my Dark Angels to one of these as it was only 30p more:

Big question is how do I paint it:
  1. Dark Angels Green
  2. Ferron Proxima red
  3. Matt Black Honored Imperium Verdigris Copper
  4. Combination of 2 for the walls and 3 for the metal reinforcements
Anyway, I'll post some [less than comprehensive] battle reports when I get chance but first game was against Tyranids, which was a similar list to my own but in the hands of Adam who had only 10 games under his belt. I threw that one away somehow - too many conservative approaches to current games when I should have gone uber aggresive, he did and won.

Second game was against, erm, 'nids and Phil from Armoured Sentinel. This was the most fun I've had gaming in a long time. There were some absolutely hilarious moments and Phil was a real sport even when things started going comically wrong for him. It may not have been as much fun for him on the receiving end, the 25:1 score line implies he was practically tabled but there was a lot of give and take, I just ended up in objective scoring positions.

Last game was against 'nid... killers - Dark Eldar with Eldar allies. Daniel's army was heavy on the Reavers and light on poisoned weapons but again I made a tactical error in the first turn and spent a lot of time trying to catch up. Somehow I was able to be in objective scoring positions as the time ran out, we were 15 minutes shorter to try and get finished on time. I didn't get my full turn but if we'd have had the extra 15 minutes I may well have lost in turn 5, swings and roundabouts.

I'll get the reports done asap, thanks to everyone I played. Incidentally PeteB managed to fill in for a 'no show' and came 26th. He was hoping for the wooden spoon at one stage but managed win one, fortunately/unfortunately depending on how much he wanted the wooden spoon and £5 booby voucher!


  1. 24th if you don't mind. Was a cracking tourney, especially seeing as it was free. Weirdly enough though, I managed a win against the space wolves drop pod list that Dave and I were worried about. I was tabled by a cracking Calgary drop pod list that was generalled by the nicest bloke ever and was also tabled by a sadly illegal but lovely footdar list. Gave me a lot of food for thought though and a few new ideas for Dwez's kids.

    1. Sorry Pete, I was going off the table in the link above and it said 26th. Leave my kids out of it, all they've ever done is devour planets, no harm no foul, mummy made them do it ;)

    2. Think we are both a bit myopic Dave, I came 25th.

  2. Having followed this blog for some time it was an absolute pleasure to get a chance to see the army in person! It is absolutely stunning! and Peter Butler, I was terrified of the Space Wolf Drop Pod List. 3 Jaws of the World Wolf against a Farsight battlesuit based army would not have gone down well!! luck of the draw for me I guess!

    1. Thanks Aaron, shame we didn't get to mix more but maybe next time. Congrats on 3rd place, just edged me out by 5pts [I think] if only my Tervigon had have crushed those 3 reavers in the last turn of my final game, nah still probably wouldn't have done it, my goal difference was appalling thanks to that tactically stupid first game.

      See you at BW7!