Friday 29 November 2013

Cel shade robotech awesomeness!

I saw this insanely great Cel Shade Robotech model the other day. I can really see Tau benefiting from this kind of treatment, but even Space Marines you could manage it. The great thing is the process is relatively simple. I mean the highlights are so simple, no blending or shading needed just making sure you choose the right colours, manage to keep your edges neat and your colours nice and flat. The hardest part is probably doing the black edges but even then with the varied line weight it's probably easier than line highlighting

I recall someone on BoLS once talking about using a painterly style to do their army, being bold enough to go beyond the accepted conventions of how to paint figures, using the Wii game Madworld as an example of how one could paint an army in a specific style or like Sin City, pause for thought at least

Anyway, for more pics point your cogitators here: and here:

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