Thursday 14 February 2013

'nids part 70 - Ymgarl Genestealers base coated and washed

Some more progress on the Ymgarls. Interestingly the Red Oxide base coat having little effect on the resultant colours compared to a white primer. That;'s not stopped me ordering a new can from eurocarparts [£3.98 for 500ml and free postage, still seems like the best offer online].

Interestingly I've begun to notice a distinct difference between Seraphim Sepia Shade and it's pre-cursor Gryphonne Sepia Wash. The wash seemed to tint the underlying colours much more. The shade sticks to the nooks and crannies and seems to shy away from those points Gryphonne would tint.

Sadly it's left me pining a bit for the old wash. The Army Painter Shades are also sticking to the same attributes as the old wash, all the Devlan Mud equivalents seem to be leaving their dirty traces all over the model, where I'm sure the new shades would stick to the grooves more.

Still, chitin next...


  1. They're looking nice and alarming, those fellas!

    1. They're actually complete and look so cool, just have to start using them instead of sticking to my min Broodlord squads.