Sunday, 10 February 2013

'nids part 69 - Tyranid Quad Gun and Aegis Defence Line

Continuing my collection of lost and forgotten images. I once promised a set of completed pictures of my Tyranid Aegis Defence Line and pointless Quad Gun. And here they are:

I've since discovered that they're actually larger than they should be in length. I think I measured the Aegis wrong somewhere and once you add the sloping growth of the Chitin it gets worse. In future I will probably be dropping one of the short pieces for tournament use. I could argue this thing is a natural growth so it might be a little larger but if I'm 'arguing' at a tournament then I need a kick up the pants, 'cos I really don't care that much to spoil what should be fun.

And the quad gun with it's stealth Adrenal Glands scuttling on the base.

Such a shame, nevermind.

The warriors have a nice little 'hive' to defend.

OOH, and what's this?

2 long pieces and 2 short pieces and some new epoxy putty? Whatever could that be for...?