Tuesday 5 June 2012

Sunday Showdown - Nids Vs White Scars 1000pts pt1

OK folks, there's a lesson to be learned here about delaying a post too long. My local friendly neighbourhood gaming club had a Sunday Warmachine tournament with 40k thrown in to try and cover the costs. I arrived earlier than I may have indicated so instead of taking on PeteB's eldar again I ended up facing the might of Robs White Scars. Now it was so long ago I'm not entirely sure how the game went down, but loads of pictures so I'll try and make sense of it all. My son took some of the pictures so they may be completely out of context so bare with me or just enjoy the pics, he continues to take some surprisingly evocitive shots.

I think it was Spearhead deployment and there were definitely objectives. I started with the Tervigon in this building with the Warriors and Hormagaunts wrapped around the front of the building.

The Hormagaunts were just in cover.

I don't think the Trygon was deployed at this stage, this is just my Son taking snaps ;)

A Hormagaunt on the run.

At some point the Tervigon bashed it's way through the ruined building, it spawned out quite early, if I recall, and the Termagants sat on the objective in the ruins.

The Tervigon is heading for Vehicles to hopefully trash something. Meanwhile the Trygon popped up and his bio-electric pulse aint half as good as a Primes Containment Spines he probably targeted the Marines given their closeness to the centre objective.

The adrenal Stealers came on from the right flank, charged toward a Land Speeder. They immobilized it, either this turn or the next, not sure.

On the far left side the Mycetic Spore splashed down near to the injured White Scar objective, a lot of Devourer fires scoured some of the marines from the building but the Techmariune remained unharmed.

Suddenly realising the Marines were still capable of securing the centre objective the monstrous from of the Tervigon smashed through the ruined building to take on the tactical squad.

With the Land Speeder immobilised and objectives being the aim of the game the Stealers left the downed skimmer and went looking for more prey via the cover from blasted landscape.

The Termagants hunkered down in as much cover as possible to guarantee control of their objective.

A cool shot of the Tyranid Prime, not sure what they did in the game but they form the core foundation for this 1000 pt army. they may not always get MVP but they're worth it.

The Termagants hold onto their objective, another cool pic from my son.

The Tervigon in combat.

The remaining Hormagaunts hide behind the ruin and the Warriors move up to provide synapse and get into firing range.

The Broodlord bellows a challenge to all comers and then lopes forwards with the rest of the brood to see what else he can slay.

Yep those Termagants are still holding that objective.

The Warriors clearly have taken a few wounds but step in to capture the objective and support the Tervigon, which by this stage has taken 5 wounds and is down to it's final one, eek!

 Guess that the Termagants are doing?

The Genestealers reach a Rhino [or Razorback that had it's guns destroyed]

My son found out you could get some weird effects by shooting pictures through the centre of the blast templates. Here you can see the Warriors charging into combat with the remaining White Scars.

The Spore Pod takes some wounds, by this stage the Devgaunts may have been destroyed.

The combined might of the Tyranids destroys the remaining Tactical squads

The Termagants take five.

The Stealers immobilise the Rhino.

After destroying the Tactical squad the tervigon heads for the Razorback and the Warriors consolidate into cover whilst securing the objective.

The scouts in the objective next to the wounded White Scar and Mycetic Spore continue to take pot shots at whatever xeno passes in front of their scopes,

As it ended up, with me securing two objectives and possibly contesting the 3rd. Once again the ability to deepstrike near objectives and root out units that are entrenched was the secret to my success.

I'm really beginning to get a feel for these 1000pts. I miss the Trygon Prime, the Trygon seems to have disappeared quite quickly and the inability to attack on deep strike means I rely on the shooting and that Bio Electric Pulse just doesn't cut it. I may even consider a Mawloc given the way he's being played at the moment, 2-3 deep strike attacks from below could be really handy and give me a few extra points to play with. But another win agianst Rob and his White Scars, WOOT! He'll have his revenge yet no doubt.

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