Wednesday 22 June 2011

Deathwing progress

The Dawn of War marathons continue apace but I have been painting some bits. I've added another layer of paint to my AoBR Tactical Squad but once again reached a point where I'm not confident enough to continue. So I thought I'd just do something I am confident with - more Bonewhite! Having added the sepia to my Deathwing I then added some of my rapidly diminishing reserves of Devlan Mud in some of the most obvious shadowed areas and it was then on to putting Bonewhite on as a highlight. I was considering some form of stippling. I really wanted to come up with a solution to smooth blending and perhaps create a more painterly style. Something that looked like the marines are hand painting their own armour and a way to get around my issues with the DA green. In the end it's all gone flat anyway so I'll guess I'll just stick to the tried and tested way of doing things.

These pics have been taken on my phone, just testing to see what quality I can get with it as it's quite easy to update my blog this way. The quality seems OK, except for the distinct lack of saturation in the pics. Not something I want when I'm trying to show off colours and nothing Photoshop couldn't correct but nevermind, we'll resolve convenience versus quality another day.

I've read other blogs where folk have a real beef with Bonewhite and it's vague levels of opacity but I really like it. You can still see some of the washes through it which I think is as it should be. Why go to the trouble of putting it them when you are going to cover them? My next stumbling block [aside from painting the remaining four Terminators] is my accent colours - how much red, green and metallics? I certainly want to look at bronze for my metals, I've got that working and I can add in some verdigris where necessary. I think the chest eagle might be good for this... I'm also thinking Mechrite red on the hoses might be cool. Most importantly though, I think Crux Terminatus should reflect the natural stone of Ferron-Proxima [which I suppose is highlighted Mechrite, whatever]. I've never been a huge fan of the grey stone and if I'm playing Ferron-Proxima as a Dark Angels recruitment world it would make sense to use the red rock as the alternative sandstone is just never going to show up on the Bonewhite, as it's the same colour!

Anyway, here's a quick P'shop mock up, maybe unconvincing myself that the red pipes are cool?! Also the seal will be green wax... it's decisions like these that stall a project. Anyway, thoughts are appreciated and if you have any idea what to put on his fist I'm listening.

On a side-note my DoW gaming has become a little more tedious than usual. I played one level which was phenomenally difficult because of a relentless tide of Orks, despite it being only a level 6 province [they go up to 11 in defence]. In the end I had to sacrifice a whole lot of structures while I deep-struck Dreadnought after Dreadnought into the Ork base in an attempt to destroy his HQ. Now the remaining provinces aren't much more defended but I'm still struggling a great deal. It's not like I'm playing this on easy either. Still, success with this Terminator and less desire for PC gaming can only result in more painting. I really can't wait to see some of these finished...

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