Monday 6 June 2011

WFB - Kislev Winged Lancers and their Queen

There's an element of sadness to these pcitures because Kislev is no longer welcome in the World of Warhammer. It features in some of the books but you can no longer represent our comrades beset by the forces of chaos, holding back the tide before it reaches it's Empire cousins. Not that I play WFB but I think it's an odd decision especially when you consider the penchant for different types of Imperial Guard. I mean if you can have your Catachan Jungle fighters, Cadians, Death Korps, Vostroyans, Mordians and more surely there's room for a little room for our Russian-alikes [not to mention Cathay and Nippon]?

Anyway here's a mix of Kislev Winged Lancers and some horse archers to bulk out the unit. They were 25pts each, 14 pts cheaper than your Reiksguard and maybe not as heavily armed but a cheap alternative cavalry source.

A close up of some of the lancers, flat colours again to pick out bits and give it that 'cartoon' look. Note the Braveheart style tattoos on the standard bearer.

The three horse archers I used to bulk out the unit. Seems like an odd selection now, 4 lancers and 3 archers what blister packs/box sets was I buying at the time?

I liked the jade balls on the lances, they matched the Ice Wizards staff. Those lead [pb] lancers are very easily bent by the way, as you can see! The Lancer pelts are also quite cute, some little 'big cat' that looks like it's road kill!

A view of their backs so you can see the winged bits and the not ineffective highlights on the Lancer pelts

And lastly we have the Ice Queen herslef - Tzarina Katerina. I'm sure I mentioned my original plan was to have her on some shop bought Polar Bear as bears were an optional mount available from the 'Imperial Zoo'. It would have reduced her movement, and the Lancer unit to which she'd be attached, by a couple of inches but it would have been cool [don't know where those rules are though, think it was in the WFB 4th edition rulebook].

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