Saturday 18 June 2011

Ice Magic baby

A while back I was discussing the awesome Ice Magic rules for use by Tzarina Katarina, the Ice Queen of Kislev. And of course I expanded that to include Ice Wizards of any level with my Heroquest Ice Wizard.

Anyway, I thought I'd finally upload the rules so you can see what I was on about. So, what's cool? 

Power 1. Freeze Water. Allows you to freeze any body of water. An easy way to get across that river or tempt your opponent to do so only to hit it with a Bright Wizard spell which automatically unfreezes the water.

Power 2. Bridge of Ice. Transport a friendly unit up to 18" in any direction, even into combat!

Pwer 3. Chill Blast. 2D6 S5 hits up to 24" with no armour saving throws!

There's still some other cool spells but sadly none of these include the ability to coat your opponent in liquid chocolatey goodnees and then set rock solid in a couple of minutes immobolising them so you can despatch at your pleasure, YUM, YUM!

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