Sunday 12 June 2011

WFB - Home made Empire War Wagon

Penguin: ... But a little patience - and a LOT of tape - make all the difference.
So here's my homemade Empire War Wagon. I took the flat views of the original model, traced them and then photo-copied by 150%. Used the photocopy on balsa wood. Then for all the armour scales I used 'chads' that's the name of th small circles of paper/card you get out of a hole punch. Hundreds of them positioned one after the other. Lollipop sticks were used as the axles, they've since broken through the balsa wood lower frame but I still think it's cool.

Extreme highlighting in mass effect once again. My Light Wizard Ninja Accolytes getting in on the action and matching the colours scheme once again

A close up of the 'Hot Wheels'.


  1. A tad more oversized than the original one but really nice scratchbuilding! Cant wait to see it finished!

  2. Thanks Mihalis, I wanted it to be be bigger because I thought scale would make up for the fact the balsa wood was less sturdy and also it would be easier to cut out. Not so sure I'll ever get round to finishing it, no need really as I don't play WFB and I don't think it's in the Empire army list anymore, though correct me if I'm wrong.