Tuesday 28 June 2011

WFB - Empire Ogres [such as they were]

As oft promised here's a whole lot of Ogres. Back in the day when you could have Ogres freely tramping round your Empire army like the jovial brutes they were, not the blood obsessed psychopaths they're now portrayed as in Ogre Kingdoms I got a few. Luckily Falmouth's Toymaster shop [still there] had a few old boxes of the Ogre expansion box for Heroquest and I was able to get them cheap [I think £6 a box]. As you can see there was seven Ogres per box in four different poses. Now by today's standards the plastic isn't great but I think they stand up well considering some of the output GW was producing in plastic at the time.

This set of seven weren't complete but were painted in the colours of Ostland and to take advantage of some minotaur decals from the Mk 1 Land Raider decal sheet, because the minotaur was also the symbol of Ostland. They would have fit lovely on the white backs of these guys.

This set was painted in the mirror fashion of the other set. Again I was really happy with my painting at this time. It's scruffy but bold and I was getting stuff painted a feat here-to unheard of in my history of figure painting. Just getting it done with bold colours and a gaming level of finish was a blessed relief and very rewarding. I think perhaps it's a lesson to everyone who paints, to do some to the best of your ability then do some for gaming level and then when you come out the other side you should be able to find a happy medium of the two!

Here we have some random Ogre. I think it was another figure I inherited from one of my gaming circle, probably someone who gave up. I think he was going to be my champion, not that I think you could have champions in your list but his colour scheme managed to match with the other guys but also stand out a little bit.

Lastly, 15 Ogres on the charge, shame about the missing model railway ballast. Would have made a nice shot if they'd all been based. There were a couple of missing guys - at the time Shreddies were giving away these soft plastic toys. There were a few that looked like the Hunchback of Notre Dame which I was going to throw in too, purely because my mate Liam, he of the scratch built Warhound and Warlord fame, had dug up a few that looked like the 4th edition Cave Troll that came out and had painted them up!

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