Friday 10 June 2011

Terrain is everything - mo' mo' fences

Through the magic of Photoshop I give you an image shot at night! Can't say I can always colour correct quite as well as this but for once it's turned out alright. So here's 6 feet of fencing [with another foot already based and undercoated]. At this stage I had to glue all the sharp sand and create some ripped fences but it was all coming along smoothly.

Fast forward a few days and here we are with the basing complete. Undercoated black and Early Learning Centre black poster paint basecoat [for a bit of texture] with a Red Oxide coat for the floor and Rockcrete pillars, followed by my Vermilion Art Acrylic drybrush [or more like a 'drybuff' the way that it polishes up the matt spray paint].  

What's missing from this set of pics was where I masked off the fence areas with some paper and clothes pegs to hold it in place. This was to ensure there was a nice black edge to the fence when I came to paint it pale blue. Of course I forgot about the 'spill' from the dry brushing process but I think perhaps having that mottled effect may well enhance the blue fences as it'll be going on areas of black and the red which is lighter so it should make a realistic effect [fingers crossed].

Of course I will still try and cut in some black at the edges but there's still a couple more highlights to add to the red planet basing scheme before I can do the fence. The ripped fences worked well n'all.


  1. Here's the step by steps