Monday 22 November 2010

'nids part 1. and 'List maker'

So given my son's choice of 'nids I thought I'd look to some form of army list maker to help, erm, making the lists. Obviously there are some you have to pay for but if you can get one for free even better, and that's what I found. Over at Alice 40k Warhammer club they have plenty of list makers for your specific codex. They're all Excel spreadsheets and they're quite good, a few bugs in places but nothing you can't add to somewhere to get your force down.
With this in mind here's the first list I came up with, using my son's figures and a few more I felt I needed [like the Shrikes for synapse support for the Gargoyles]. It was completely without any background knowledge, the Codex was so new very little advice was available at the time.
  • Tyranid Prime with Pair of Boneswords,Adrenal Glands,Toxin Sacs,Regeneration,,,,,,,,,,,,120
  • 3x Hive Guard(s) with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,150
  • Tervigon with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,160
  • 12x Termagaunts with Strangleweb,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,70
  • 12x Genestealers with Adrenal Glands,Toxin Sacs,,,,,,,,,,,,,,240
  • 3x Tyranid Warriors with Barbed Strangler,Deathspitter,,,,,,,,,,,,,,110
  • 3x Ripper Swarms with Tunnel Swarm,,,,,,,,,,,,,,36
  • 10x Gargoyles with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,60
  • 3x Tyranid Shrikes with Pair of Boneswords,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,135
  • Trygon with Regeneration,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,225
  • 1x Biovore(s) with ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,45
TOTAL 1351
Now a lot of things would change with this mainly due to offers that became available on ebay. So we'll see where we're at once all those purchases got made. Certainly the Shrikes have gone by the wayside, despite finding 3 pairs of wings I could use to convert them... Meanwhile where was that Tervigon coming from?
Next up what I did for my HQ choice, the Tyranid Prime...

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