Tuesday 9 November 2010

Falling off the wagon part 1. Blood Bowl

I officially fell off the wagon in December 2009. Although I had been dabbling 'recreationally' for part of that year. My wife had always pushed me into GW's ever since my son had started to show interest in the figures as they spun round. I REALLY did not want to get back into gaming. I knew how much of a money pit it could be and a total time thief what with painting, modelling and gaming. The last thing I needed was another distraction. I also knew this could be a fad with my son so I thought if there's anything I could do it would be Blood Bowl. All I need to do is paint 32 men, the board is self contained and the games cana be over quite quick.

There was a catch though, I had to have the 2nd edition Astrogranite™ pitch. I had two thirds of my pitch knocking around, both Star Players and the Companion books and plenty of figures, enough for about 4 teams actually. But I needed a complete pitch. In the end I got one and although I'd planned to cover it in sand I thought it'd eventually scratch the figures, and I'd never liked flocking. So I used normal household tester paint pots and ended up with this...


In the end I think we've only ever had two games, once the 40k is 'out of the way I'll start back on the figures. BTW the two custom endzones are for the Mongrel Horde and my 'Good' equivalent featuring Elves Dwarves, Treeman and a Halfling the reformed Haffenheim Hornets [back when you could have mixed race teams that is!]

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