Saturday 6 November 2010

Adeptus Titanicus

Although Blood Bowl was my first foray into Games Workshop's games and Rogue Trader appeared somewhere along the line it was Adeptus Titanicus that was my first choice of game I wanted to persue. My friend had shown me Blood Bowl and RT but when Adeptus Titanicus came out I was the only one to get it and although we went on to play Epic and Space Marine extensively no one ever got Adeptus Titanicus except me.

So I have quite a large Titan force. I also got hold of the Titan expansion box, a further 6 warlords not to mention my Reavers and Warhounds. Hopefully I'll get to showcase my entire Howling Griffons, Ultramarine, Dark Angel Epic battleforce. Meanwhile here's the White Dwarf teaser advert...

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