Sunday 28 November 2010

Dark Angels genesis vol 3.

Old school plastic Space Marine veteran! This was my third foray into Dark Angels colours.This was the figure supplied by my local Toymaster for a painting competition. At the time this was my best blending techniques, still wish the armour was blacker, but I'd be happy if all my figures looked like this. I have to say the dark skintones, from the Deathwing back story was the best I've ever done. These skintones will hopefully crop up when my new Dark Angels are done, with the green tones of my first attempts with the quality of my third.

Incidentally in my age group only three entered so I though I had a good chance [there were 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes up for grabs]. Because there were only 3 entries they dropped third prize! Although they announced there'd be an overall winner so having not placed anywhere in my age group I spent the entire time convinced I'd won... 13 years on it still fraks me off!

Now before I painted the Space Marine I assumed that the competition was completely open and had painted this Bloodthirster of Khorne. I've absolutely no idea where I got him from. I never collected Chaos but somehow I ended up with him. Sadly I don't think the picture does him justice and after all this time he was a bit battered but I certainly felt he was one of my better painted figures in '96/'97. Of course that kind of lined edge highlightinf is currently 'en vogue' for all your Dark Eldar needs. Anyway the wee fella got shipped off to France earlier this year thru ebay. Glad he's getting a new home, I doubt I'll regret that sale down the line.


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