Friday 31 December 2021

Hobby Spends 2021

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity Following on from previous year's spending record I've kept another log for 2021 [and will do so for 2022]. The final figure of just over £362 represents a huge increase on last years gross spend of £227, almost £137 more. I did sell the Necron half of Indomitus though, bringing in £46, but that's still £316 spent on the hobby, which is just over £25 a month. Here's the breakdown:

My figure purchases were up, but they were also due to magazine purchases - Imperium and Mortal Realms. The Halfling BB team, Helverins and Munitorum Containers were a treat for myself and I don't regret their purchase. But I'm still not convinced on why I bought Indomitus, although the Primaris figures are still an asset, should I be so inclined to offload them in the future. At the very least I would recoup my money. 

One reason for investing in Indomitus is I've played 9th edition a few times now and although I may love the Indomitus Big Rule Book, I do find it incredibly heavy and cumbersome. Whether I consider downgrading to the softback A5 version is debatable - it'd be much easier for gaming but so far we're undecided about 9th as an experience. We rationalised our way out of playing the latter part of 8th and in some ways 9th has, and it's an odd phrase, become more one dimensional. Despite all the secondary missions and the Crusade rules our experience has very much been everything dies and then the game is over and the objectives become almost irrelevant. We'll keep trying, but we haven't yet had the tactical experiences we had with 5-7th or even 8th. We'll press on.

Back to my spends - I spent £40 on Mortal Realms and the new Imperium magazine. I'm still not into Age of Sigmar but my wife got me an issue with one third of the Mortis Engine in so I had to get the others. I have an idea one day I will love painting all the ghosts I've accrued - they'll be something to paint purely for fun. Of course I have to paint the other things ahead of it that I NEED to paint before I can do that. Again, it's something I could sell on if I give up on the dream... nightmare?

So, 2021 has been an expensive year, bizarrely so given I've hardly played at all and even then it was Middle Earth, with figures I already owned [or added to in 2020]. But, the two previous years had been exceptionally frugal so there was bound to be a relapse eventually. It feels like a wake-up call though and I hope I won't be as spendthrift next year. Not only do I have plenty to keep my occupied, painting-wise, I feel they should be painted before I get any more [see above picture]. I've also got plenty of variety that should stave off boredom painting the same old nids or Dark Angels.

That said, the Malaceptor is all new hotness for Tyranids rules-wise, and I recently saw some floating kitbashed version of the actual kit that make it look really cool. But £40 for one model... 😖 We'll just have to see, a new Tyranid Codex will be due next year and all bets could be off!


  1. I have a terrible feeling a spent a lot more than that this year; all of that retro 40K stuff is expensive! I am finding the key to fun 9th Edition games is janky unit selection (for both sides, include some underpowered units), bigger boards and restricting the number of stratagems. I would also gladly exchange re-rolls for +1 instead. Let the dice talk, I say :-)

    1. I think I mentioned I like the idea of no Codex stratagems just re-rolls, overwatch and interrupt. But I think the 9th edition Ork Codex army buffs might still outweigh the 8th edition Knight buffs. We'll either make it work or wait it out. We've plenty of alternatives, I fancy completing all the Deathwatch Overkill missions - that ruleset is fixed and simple, it just depends on if the other guys are interested. We've got one game promised at least after our next 40k battle. We'll see if anyone enjoys it.