Tuesday 4 January 2022

What's on my palette?

Bless me #warmongers for I have sinned, it's been over six weeks since my last confession! It's been Chrimblemas though so no bother. Now a lot of folk will be doing New Year's Hobby Resolutions, but I do things differently and already have my Hobby Season To Do List. That doesn't stop me just organising things a bit as 2022 roles around.

Long time readers may recall that I tend to suffer from a post-Christmas malaise that saps all my hobby mojo. Since returning to the hobby I always make something over the festive period, but then with those items built I just lack any motivation to press on. This year I think I'm going to buck that trend - I'm going 'off-list'. I received from my good friend Pete a Primaris Chaplin on motorbike - a fantastic gift as I could never justify buying such a figure for myself. I know it's Primaris and I don't do Primaris with my Dark Angels but I think Id make an exception for him as he's such a centrepiece model. I will hopefully use it alongside my eventual Primaris force, which I've decided will be Guardians of the Covenant.

Having built the Chaplin I also cleaned up 5 Tyranid Warriors and based them. The new Tyranid Crusher Stampede army of renown is based around big monsters, but for a Battalion detachment you still need 3 Troops and with only 5 painted Warriors I can't make the 3 broods of 3. So I'm painting those up, basing them and will look at updating the paint jobs on my original Warriors - they're showing their age. I'll also be updating the Primes, with colour schemes, and as they are now on 50mm bases, I'll be building these up so they're even bigger. I'm also going to swap out my kitbashed lash-whip/bonesword with a Tyrant Guard version. The arms are a bit chunkier but I don't mind.

With a dip back into 'nids, I haven't done any since May! I'm hoping to avoid the malaise, it's certainly helping me avoid my Ravenwing Talonmaster... ahem! I have primed [very badly] my Death Guard Kill Team too. So that may creep into my schedule. I've certainly got enough to keep me busy for January and should I get through it all there is the Ravenwing... Anyway, a few micro-blog Big Build TO DONE! posts to come over the next few days so you can see what I did with my festive period.

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