Thursday 12 November 2020

#PitOnParade Skaven 'prodder' moar progress

Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been #paintingwarhammer Skaven prodder for #PitOnParade. Dr Dave is creating a #ArmiesOnParade board for charity. At this stage I'd run out of Army Painter Anti-Shine, so my progress on my Tyrannofex for #DreadTober came to a halt. So I decided to get back on the space rat. An easy way to make it 40k grimdark - hazard stripes. The yellow and black do that obviously.

But the orange and cream was an experiment. I also considered broad green stripes on the orange cable, but decided to leave as is. I ruminated about the choice of warpstone colour - the traditional green, or red. I felt the Blanchitsu approach would be red but asking around the consensus was green and I'm much more confident about it for the glow FX. 

As with my Skaven Blood Bowl team his albino nature was not represented with red/pink eyes but as a by-product of the warpstone and so was green glow effect.

The prodder warpstone and glow worked really well, in my opinion.

The leather bits were quite understated, with just some minor scratches and highlights added. The kilt/tabard had more shading, as did the base.

He was almost complete at this stage, just needed to tweak his claws a bit, add some more tones to the base and finish him up.

TO DONE! pics next.


  1. Great work! Love the look of this model, and a fantastic paint job.

    1. Cheers Mike. It was such a random thing to do on my part. I had an original plastic Squat somewhere I thought I would do but it has been misplaced. This seemed like a pretty cool figure and something I would easily part with. I struggle to let go of any figures, let alone ones I've painted but it was a rewarding experience to know from the beginning it's for a good cause, which made it easier to do and part with once complete. 😉

  2. Yes, a wonderful edition to the space rat race! I love all the little detail and interesting colors.

    1. I'm pretty certain I could have done this quicker though. I really need to find a way to do that sort of thing. In that respect I got a lot of this, something completely different and fun to do.