Sunday 29 November 2020


Afternoon #warmongers and #warhammercommunity I've been getting my #ArmiesOnParade board together. Once again I had an idea of which faction I was going to parade - my Imperial Knights and a concept for the board using my gaming terrain. I ended up taking 50+ pictures so I could whittle it down to the 6-8 needed to showcase.

I even got down with the kids and did a video on that there YouTube.

Anyway, here's a bucketload of pics. I tried two different layouts [Lancer in front and Gallant in front] and different camera settings. I ended up downsampling some of the images [I took some 48MP shots] so there's a mix and match of images here. They might be a little jumbled up but I'll do my best to put the together.

Sneaky assassin sneaking around in the ruins too 😉








  1. Replies
    1. Well you know me, just happy to take part. I've managed to convince a couple of people to join in who'd otherwise dismissed the idea, so that's winning for me. The fact is, a global competition with 3 overall trophies and various category prizes the chances are slim to none existent. Its been quite rewarding going into it without any expectation, almost my ideal AoP with no comp whatsoever.

      I have seen some amazing parades though, there was a Halfling Bloodbowl team in a little whicker lunch box that was beautiful. 😍

  2. Fantastic job! Been enjoying seeing some of the entries on twitter this week.

    1. I feared folk might not have bothered sharing them on social because the email to GW might have felt like they'd participates. I'm so glad they did, but I think there are a lot of amazing ones we still have not seen. It would be interesting to know how many entries there have been & if they have starts from previous years to compare it to. I'll ask Nick.