Thursday 11 October 2018

2000pts battle report - Imperial Knights & Dark Angels v ORKTOBER!

Ben has been busy home renovating recently so it's been a challenge to arrange a gaming but as we've all signed up for the Last Chance Open we thought we'd better learn how to play 40k again 😃 We rolled Front Line Assault deployment map - long-ways arrow. We were trying to understand the ITC rules but I think we gave up in the end - bodes well for January!

Ben has just 2,000pts of Orks so his army had no options or opportunity to fine-tune. Lots of Boyz, Nobz, Bikerz and Tankbusters in Trukks. There was also Snikkrot and his Kommandos.

I took my Cerastus, 2 Warglaives, My Knight Errant [as a Freeblade], 2 min Dark Angel Tactical Squads [one with Plasma cannon], Scout Snipers, Techmarine, Chaplain, 2 Ravenwing bike squads with Plasma Guns and my Old Skool Predator - in use for the first time ever.

Ben won first turn and I failed to steal. As you can see everything got up in my face pretty quick.

Snikrott's Komandos appeared on my flank, although he turned up in the middle of the board.

There was a lot of greenskins coming my way, they killed one of the Ravenwing and failed to make their charge but I really began to worry I had too many targets.

Made even more worrisome when the Tankbusters, their bombsquiggs and small dakka fire took out one of my Warglaives

Snikrott made a big charge into one of my Tac Squads, but my Chaplain Heroically Intervened to steal their resolve. He killed 2 Marines and in return was taken to his last wound thanks to the Chaplain and his bonuses on the Dark Angels. The Bikerz completed an 11" charge on the Lancer, surrounding him alongside their Warboss and Painboy. The mob managed to do very little, one wound or so but it would suffer 8 wounds in total at the hands of the Warboss and other Characters. In return it lanced the Painboy to oblivion, didn't quite kill the Warboss and stomped on a couple of bikes.

My turn 1, the Ravewing moved to the woods with the Predator moving to intercept the Kommandos and sit on the objective. Looking at the table it felt like I had far too many threats and not enough bodies/attacks to deal with them all. I wasn't even sure on the most urgent target priority.

I did however figure the Tankbusters were high on that list  and I was able to blow up their Trukk and take some of them with it. The remaining Warglaive moved to take them out.

Than Lancer Fell back, luckily I didn't move him far before I started it's charge as it only made 2" - so much for it's big gangly legs. The Tac Squad and Chaplain also moved to assault the Warboss on his bike. Euronymous the Fallen Knight moved to multi-charge the bikes and the Trukk full of boyz. He was also back up by the Ravenwing who moved to the midpoint between the two Trukks to give me options.

The Lancer and his buddies were able to smash the Ork centre. With the Trukk also tied up that left the Ravewning free.

They assaulted the Trukk on my left flank to keep the Scouts safe and hold the Orks at bay. I'm not sure if Ben was counting up or down on his wounds on the '3 dice' there but my bikes had taken 1 wound [possibly in overwatch].

Not sure what damage they did.

But they suffered a casualty in return. I think that was the end of my turn 1 and we'd managed to do it in just 3 hours! How rubbish are we?

As it was getting late there didn't seem much point in carrying on. Although there was plenty still on the board I'd effectively removed most of Ben's heavy hitters meaning he'd struggle to damage my Knights. The only thing he wanted to see was what his mob of Boyz would do to the Knight.

As it turns out not very much, I think I got wounded 5 times.

And my saving throws were on fire!

We called it there with many questions still unanswered. Our ITC prep was useless, we couldn't even follow the secondary missions [even though they appear straightforward it's keeping track of them] so we've no idea what we scored, we gave up. 

Ben's Orks are completely uncompetitive. They are what he has unfortunately and new Codex or no he's doubtful now he'll run them. He'd require major investment of units and painting to be ready in time. He's far less competitive than when we first started playing but like all of us we don;t want to be steam-rolled either. He's thinking of switching back to his Astra Militarum but throwing in a Super-Heavy.

I was pretty impressed with my army. I was sad the Warglaive got plinked first turn but much like Alex's situation in my last game at DT4 - a loss of a single Warglaive is a small price to pay to then succeed with everything else. The bike's did OK, I forgot how good they are with their 4 bolter shots each at Rapid Fire range, Plus the Plasma Gun. I'm undecided on some items, the Predator was cool but it's not very fluffy a Dark Talon might be a more suitable replacement but it's 20pts more I can't really afford. Alternatively I could add two more bike squads or a unit of Black Knights plus change? 

Regardless at GT4 I'll have to lose 250 points, which will either start with the Predator or one of the Warglaives and I'll have to find 70 points from somewhere else... lots to think on.

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