Tuesday 9 October 2018

Google+ commenting

Back in January 2017 I decided to switch to Google+ commenting as an experiment. Keeping up with replying to comments had become a challenge due to certain IT restrictions. I thought this might help alleviate the problem and it helped somewhat, but I have noticed that not all comments showed up in my G+ notifications so often went unnoticed and thus unanswered.

That said I had been thinking recently that I should perhaps switch back to blogger's in-built commenting function. It's far from perfect, doesn't offer me the opportunity to respond directly but does collate all my comments in one place and gives me a record of them all. It would appear though that this decision is ultimately out of my hands, in that Google has announced it will be winding down G+ itself over the next 10 months.

So, I'll probably switch sooner rather than later but it also means the variety of 40k groups I occasionaly showcase finished miniatures to will also be gone, shame.

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