Monday 2 July 2018

'nids part 258 - Biotitan Tyranid Hierophant pt.12 - Bonewhite complete

Oops, spoiler. Obviously this is the pic that gets into the blog feeds so it helps if it looks good.

Which is obviously better than this WiP of the legs.

Which I finally got through and what a relief.

So I got a full built photo shoot so we can see how she is progressing.

And despite the hardship of getting to this stage it tipped me over the edge - the good edge and I can foresee how this is going to play out. Having recorded my efforts [show at the end of the post] I can see the second Chitin highlights will take possibly another 18 days.

Then the second Bonewhite highlights another 10. So I have 28 days worth of work, and I will be doing some additional 3rd highlight on both and not including the red fleshy bits, claws and talons all the glow effects and varnishing.

It's 62 days until the Hobby Season ends [when I wrote this]. I want this done and so it'll be my priority and if I crack on then the Razorback might just sneak in at the end. Shadespire Fireslayers and future containers seem a stretch at this point but who knows. Regardless this is big prize, and getting this out of the way in a timely fashion will provide opportunity for the others.

With at least 28 days worth of work it seems like a big slog but I'm up for the challenge and think now with a more positive attitude I might struggle less. With the first highlights done it's slightly quicker tracing over them with a second highlight. There's less to think about, which speeds things up but I have to take a bit of care that I don't obliterate all the first highlight - else what was the point. So I'd estimate it's 75% quicker to do.

But I have a deadline now and an overall guide of how long things take that I aim to beat, so although there's a lot and it'll take a significant amount of effort I'm raring to get it done.

Here's my updated log, which has been marked up so I can track the different parts to do again.

And finishing up the first set of highlights.

And there we go, almost a 'What's on my palette'!

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